In the competitive world of retail, two sure factors to drawing in customers are products and environment. Good products alone won’t attract customers. Our exhibit designers can work with you to create an attractive retail space that welcomes visitors. We can also work with your interior designer or architect to develop product display ideas that show off best what you’re selling. We have a full suite of interior signage options for you to choose from and we invite you to call us for further options such as:

  • Wall Mural Graphics
  • Dynamic Digital Displays
  • Printed Large Format Wall Art
  • Lobby & Dimensional Branding and Logo
  • Showroom
  • Directional & Directories
  • Wall Mounts
  • Backlit and LED
  • Glass & Partition Decals




When you work with Nexus, you get rid of the headache while maintaining control. We’ll set you up with a designer, who will work with you to turn your concept into a fully realised idea. The approved design goes to our fabricators who turn dreams into realities. We’ll build your display with details like weight, storage, and mobility in mind. The end result is an effective, functional, and innovative display. And it all starts with you!

Bring us your concept today; we can’t wait to bring your “wow” to life.


In an effort to serve you better, Nexus Exhibits has been developing various online tools and systems to allow our clients access to their inventory, our rental items and more.  If you would like more information about our growing library of online tools please contact us.

This is our client inventory and ordering system.  Registered users can login to see what items they have available for events.  They can create orders and add Nexus rental items.  We will arrange, pack and ship the orders and you never have to leave your chair

Whether your item is covered by the incredible Nomadic Lifetime Warranty or a bannerstand you found at the back of a storage closet, the Nexus Repair Centre can breath new life back into your item.